Sri Gopalsharan Devacharya Ji

:: Sri Guru Charan Kamlebhyo namo namah ::


Pujya Sri Sadh Gurudev Ji

shrimad hamsam samarabhya, sanakadhikamdhyamam

asmad-acharya paryantam, vande guru-paramparam

    The Hamsa sampradaya, which began with the descent of Shri Krishna as Hamsa avatara, due to its relation with the four Sanak Kumaras, the sons of Brahma, became the Sanaka sampradaya. After Shri Narada and the disciples of the four Kumaras, the incarnation of Shri Sudarshana appeared as Shri Nimbarka Mahamunindra and, later on, the Nimbarka sampradaya became popular. The main holy pilgrimage places and centres of worship of the sampradaya can be found in Shri Goloka Bihari Shri Radha-Krishna are always worshipped.

    Since time immemorial the acharyas of the Nimbarka sampradaya have been the crown-jewels among the renounced saints. Knowledge has always accompanied them. Besides, they have given brilliant examples of renunciation and austerities. This is the treasure of the acharyas of the sampradaya. The guru who distributes the mantra should be disinterested, free from desires, selfless, born in a brahmana family, acquainted with the Vedic scriptures, Vaishnava, of very humble nature, self-contended. The instruction to find such a guru can be found in the Padma Purana.

virakto vaishnavo vipro veda-shastra-vishuddhikrit

drishtanta kushalo dhiro guruh karya’ti nisprihah

    In order to achieve knowledge there is no particular bar, among who is high class and who is low class, Vaishnava or avaisnava, attached or unattached, and so forth. One can learn knowledge from any kind of persons, but in order to find a guru, one has to select someone who is in accordance with the scriptures. The scriptures say that the diksha guru should be a saintly person. He should have the complete right to give diksha in the parampara. He should be self-contended and renounced. This quotation from the scriptures is followed by the Nimbarka sampraday since ancient times. The spiritual master is a liberated soul. Therefore he has the capacity to liberate others. One who is not liberated cannot liberate others from the bonds of attachment to the world. The spiritual master should be very renounced. He should be unattached to the worldly subjects and capable of renouncing all the worldly opulences as insignificant and worthless. Saintly nature, saintly form, saintly mentality- these three qualities constitute the fundamental nature of our Vedic sanatana Vaishnava dharma. Saints and mahatmas who give instructions about dhrama are inwardly and outwardly filled with these symptoms. Narada, Shandilya, Vasishta, Garga and others, are the saints and great sages of this parampara. In the following verse it is given the constitutional character of the saints:

manasi vacasi kaye punyapiyusha purnah

tribhuvanamupakara shrenibhih prinayantah

pargunaparamanun parvatikritya nityam

nijahridi vikasantah santi santah kiyantah

    The mind, words and body of a saint are supremely pure like nectar, cool, sweet and divine. Due to their nature inclined to the welfare of others, they are peaceful and purify the three worlds. The saints accept only the qualities of others. An atomlike quality of others is praised by them as a mountain-like quality. They are like a blooming flower, always satisfied and emanate spiritual fragrance around them. Such qualities can be found very rarely, if someone is blessed by the fortune. The great poet Kalidasa says,

tam santah shrotumarhanti sadasad vyakti hetavah

    Those who distinguish between truth and untruth, such saints are speakers and listeners of pure consiousness. In regard to the saints Maharaja Prithu says,

yadpad pankajapalashavilasa bhktya

karmashayam granthimudgrathayanti santah

    He is a saint who unties the knot of ignorance by providing the blissful bhakti for Shri Shri Radha Krishna’ lotus feet. Only such a saint has the right to give initiation (diksha). Only such a type of saint has the right to give instructions on the path of devotion. Doing welfare for the living entities is the dharma of a saint. Kaka Bhushundi says, “It is the nature of a saint to do good for others by body, mind and words”. This is the tradition of the saints of Vrindavana. With an accomplished consciousness of selfless welfare for all the living entities, taking shelter in Shri Vrindavana Dhama, meditating within the heart upon Shri Radha Golokvihariji and chanting the glories of Their pure names are the pure symptoms of a trus saint.

    It is said in Ramacharita-manasa, “Poverty is the biggest sorrow but there is no happiness which can be compared with that of meeting with a saint.” Meeting with a saint is the supreme wealth. “To compare the heart of a saint is supremely pure and melts with the sorrows of others.” “A saint, a tree, a river, a mountain and the earth, these five elements are created for the welfare of others.” Therefore, by studying the scriptures it is experienced that under the shelter of the crown jewel among the saints, sat gurudeva, one should achieve the supreme goal of life. Human life is purposeful only when one takes shelter of the spiritual master who comes in the form of a saint.

dhyana mulam guru murti puja mulam guroh padam

mantramulam gurorvakyam mokshamulam guro kripa

   “For the aspirant to meditate on the form of the spiritual master is the main meditation, to worship his lotus feet equals to following the true path of religiousness, to follow the instruction of gurudeva is the best mantra.” Only the mercy of guru provides the foundation for liberation from the ocean of material life.

    Since time immemorial, due to the influence of such universal saints, the tradition of the achryas goes on without interruption. In this parampara all the acharyas are peculiar and perfect. Their love for the Bhagvatam is great. They are detached, renounced from the world, their whole meditation is in the service of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

    Shrinivasacharya, Shri Keshava Kashmiri, Shri Bhatta and Shri Harivyasa Devacharya, many acharyas, great sages, ascetics, yogis, saints, influenced in different ways people who were unfavourable to the Lord and brought them to the path of goodness. They changed their life-style from inauspicious. They have benefitted all those who were engaged in subhuman activities, atheistic, worshippers of the external energy, by bringing them to the pure Vaishnava lineage. These saintly acharyas and instructors of the bhakti marga were parts and parcels of the Lord. By accomplishing the desire of the devotees and showing the supreme Vaishnaa path, they achieved the divine destination.

    Shri Goloka Dhama Peethadhishwara Sadh Gurudeva Dharmaratna Shri 1008 Swami Gopala Sharana Devacharya Ji Maharaja is the 52nd acharya of the sampradaya. All the previous acharyas of his lineage were supreme ascetics, bhajananandi and worshippers of the Divine Couple, and were devoted to the names, forms, abode and pastimes of the Lord. In this lineage he himself followed perfectly the vow of celibacy, engaged in preaching the path of bhagavad-bhakti, worship of the Divine Couple, and constant service to the Vaishnavas as well as human and social welfare.

    Worshipable Sadh Gurudeva was born in a Kanyahubja brahmana family in Vraja dhama. His dynasty was Vaishnava. His parents were in service of sadhus and saints from his childhood. He had exceptional symptoms. By hearing the names and glories of the Lord he used to stop crying. By sitting on the lap of sadhus, saints, Vaishnavas and receivng their holy association, he used to be very pleased in his childhood. He used to smile hearing bhagavata katha and the name of the Lord. He used to feel sorrow in separation of saints. Receiving the sacred charanamrita and the food offered to the Lord he had unlimited happiness. All these symptoms became visible even when he was a small child who could not sit properly. Whe he began to sit, and move on his knees, he used to go by himself to the temple of the house and sit there for hours expressing the naem of the Lord with stuttering words.

    Seeing his extraordinary nature, his parents and guardians used to be surprised. In this period once a very strange event occured. He was sitting with his family and enjoying a kirtana. It was a family festival. Suddenly a saint with an unusual outlook came and sat in the middle of the kirtana. He joined immediately and began to do kirtana. When the kirtana was completed, the saint looked at the hand of the little boy and also at the lines of his forehead and in astonishment said, “This boy is destined to live for only five years. However, if you hand him over to a bhajananandi saint, then he will get long life and become a saint of a high order. Hearing this, the members of his family became very afraid and perplexed. All of them became very worried. they informed their relatives. In the meantime the saint disappeared. Nobody knew where he had gone. They searched for the saint all around but in vain. It wa a pastime of the Lord to bring him close to that saint. After this unusual event, his guardians became worried. “What to do?” Obviously parents have strong love for their child and when it is the first issue, this is even more so. This is also the verdict of the Vedas, “atma vai putro’bhyajayat” the first issue represents the form itself of the parents. Therefore, how could his parents think to renounce the child. But when they were remembering the words of the saint, they began shivering out of fear. This talk spread out in the village. One day an old scholar of the village came and said, “Bring this boy to the saint of Shri Vrindavana Dhama. When he will desire, he will receive there initiation from a Vaishanava saint and his life style will change. He himself will become a saint and will live a long life. In this way your dynasty will be purified.” In the scriptures it is said,

kulam pavitram janani kritartha, vasundhara bhagyavati cha dhanya

svarge’pi loke pitarashchadhanyah, yesham kule vaishnavanamadheyam

    A dynasty is purified in which a child becomes a Vaishnava saint. The parents are obliged, the earth is pure and fortunate, and all the dynasty gets liberation. The words of the scholar, the prediction of the saint, the nature of the child- Hearing the name of Vrindavan, he became filled with enthusiasm, pleasure and happiness. Seeing all this it was decided that the child should be brought to Shri Vrindavana Dhama. On reaching there, the child was filled with bliss just like someone who coming from a foreign country, reaches his own home. Everything was familiar to him. It seemed like he had a long lifetime relation with the holy land. Seeing all this the parents were surprised. Thereafter he moved to the centre of Vrindavana dhama, in the supreme divine nikunja, the gardens of Shri Bihariji. This is a very renown place where saints perform penances. Here there is a divine ashram named Thakur Shri Radha Gopala Ji Maharaja. This is the ancient seat of the Nimbarka sampradaya. It is here where resides the present acharya who should be remembered very respectfully in the morning and who is free from worldly attachments, a simple hearted saint, fixed in his bhajana Swami Shri Lalita Sharana Devacharya. Some members of the child’s family handed him over at the lotus feet of the guru for complete siksha and diksha. The guardians returned back home. The boy did not even feel any sorrow or separation at all in the holy Vrindavana Dhama and in the purifying atmosphere of the ashrama. At a proper time pancha samsakara, diksha and shiksha were arranged for him by the ascetic guru. Spontaneously his samskara as a child began to develop. The blessings from his spiritual master began slowly to bloom. Besides, the boy was empowered by his previous samskaras and his sharp intelligence, “bhavanti bhavyeshu hi paksapatah”.

    Although the guru has equal vision towards everyone, nevertheless when a disciple has a very good samskara, he will receive more attention from his superiors. This is the case with him here. Once when he was 5, he went to keshi ghata to bath in the Yamuna river accomplanied by some saints. While bathing, the strong current of the water drag him away. The saints who were with him began to shout seeing how the current had brought him far away. Suddenly the eyes of one of the saints fell on the drowning boy. The saint was absorbed in his own bhajana. As soon as he saw the boy, however, he jumped into the river and, coming close to the boy, found that the boy was very peaceful. He had no anxiety at all, rather he was chanting the holy name of the Lord. The saint brought the boy to the bank and said, “Today this boy has got a new life. By the mercy of Shrimati Radharani he is alive.” Thus the Lord has saved him from the calamity which had to happen at the age of 5. In the same way at the age of 17, he was saved from another calamity. By the Lord’s grace he was saved from a car accident at Gopiganj, Allahabad, while his other companions lost their life “sa rakshita rakshati yo hi garbhe”. The Lord protects spontaneously those who do bhajana.

    At an appropriate time he got his brahmana purificatory rite and initiation in a complete way. By following both the evening Gayatri prayers and all other religious injunctions, his form as a brahmachari, or celibate student, became radiant. In the ashrama there were many students, but his nature was extraordinary. He was always happy, enthusiastic and concentrated in the service of his spiritual master, the sadhus, the Vaishnavas, guests and Thakura Sri Gopala Ji Maharaja.

    Gurudeva named him Gopala Sharana. Later on, he entered the renounced order and received initiation with the traditional title of Swami Shri Gopala Sharana Devacharya Ji. His spiritual master began to consider what could be the proper education for his disciple. In an appropriate time he was admitted in the local primary school. His primary study and matriculation was completed at the Shri Sukhada Bal Vidyalaya. Shri Banke Bihari Pathashala and Shri Vidyapitha Inter College, Vrindavan. Hindi, English, Math and so forth, worship, mantra japa, bhajana; he began to grow with all of this very easily. When he completed his primary education, considering his interest and tendency, his gurudeva ordered him to study Sanskrit. He was brought to a famous scholar for the study of Veda, grammer, Vedanta, philosophy, Shrimad Bhagvata etc. This scholar was himself well versed in the sciptures, therefore he also instructed the boy properly. There was only one aim to become acquainted with the scriptures and get the qualities of a sadhu. By studying the shastras and practicing bhajana, his sadhana was accomplished. He began to study more and more different subjects. The seriousness in his study began to grow. In due course of time his education and position as well as his conciousness for the service began to develop.

    In his very childhood he attracted many visiting devotees of the ashram because of his divine nature. Beautiful, soft, humble way of speaking, very sweet behaviour and love of God, these special symptoms attracted very easily many people towards him. He used to ask about their wellbeing and very easily gave them solutions to their questions. To meet saints and serve them was his primary quality. Due to these divine qualities, he was more a saint than a student. He had continuosly studied and his interest increased more and more. Simultaneously he began to engage himself in so many kind of auspicious activities like, for instance, listening from the saints in satsanga, preaching of harikatha, social and classical music, pilgrimage to the holy places, taking bath in the holy rivers and donating to holy people. He accomplished his intermediate education at the Sanskrit school in the Brahma Nivas Ashram, Vrindavan. Thereafter in order to learn more deeply Sanskrit and Shrimad Bhagvatam, he decided to go to Varanasi, the centre of scholars and the holy land of Lord Vishwanatha. he humbly got permission from his gurudeva.

    He has great devotion for the topmost Vaishnava, Bhutabhavan Lord Shiva. “vidya kamastu girisham”. For the sake of education and knowledge, worship Lord Shiva. According to that saying of the Bhagavatam he decided to go to Kashi. It was not so easy to arrange living and studying in a city like Kashi.

    There is a special context about the study of the worshipable Swamiji at Kashi. The faithful servant of Shri Bihariji Lal Hargulal Ji Beriwala and his father Janaki Das Ji Beriwala with his whole family comes to the Bagicha of Bihariji Maharaja. They were the disciples and servant of this Ashram. This family, well famous for the worship of Sri Sri Radha Krishna, service of the saints, and bhajana, puja, satsanga, used to visit the uncles of Lalaji Sri Ramajilal Beriwala and Maidhana Ji Beriwala. There was satsanga, Krishna bhakti, especially great interest was expressed in satsanga, sweet feelings of Krishna bhakti. Seeing his great interest in satsanga, sweet expression of Krishna bhakti, highly elevated saintly nature, the whole family was simply honouring him. One day in order to make proper arrangement for his study, sri gurudeva spoke to Ramjilal Beriwala and Maidhan Beriwala. Then they devotedly expressed their feelings that they wanted to arrange his lodging and in this respect they wrote a letter to their obedient son Nanuram Ji Beriwala. The fatherly devoted son Brajmohan Ji Beriwala took all the responsibility of the arrangements and received all the opportunity to serve him. In this connection, through Shri Mahendra Kumara Ji Jaipurya and daughter Prembhai Jaipurya, all the proper arrangements were accomplished. Under the care of competent scholars, the study of different scriptures began to improve. Becuase of his saintly nature, his staying was arranged in Shri Gita Mandir at Mishra Pokhara and was admitted for studies at the popular institution Shri Dakshinamurti Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya. While he was studying at the same instituion, he accomplished shastri and acharya degrees and the subject of grammer-vyakarana from Sampurnananda Sanskrit University.

    Thereafter, he spontaneously studies different scriptures for some time at the Kashi Vidyapith University and the world renown educational center Kashi Hindu Vishwa Vidyalaya. The accomplished samskara in his heart since his childhood made different emotions raise in his heart. he thought, “There should be a very attractive, vast, pure and beautiful ashram. In that ashram there should be beautiful deities of Priya Priyatam. There should be divine service of the deities. There should be constant prasadam, service for the Vaishnavas and sadhus, brahmans, Vrajabasis and Students and for students there should be all kind of prasadam, books, clothes. There should be a beautiful garden, parks for the Lord and the best service to the cows. There should be divine sound of sat sanga, sankirtana and classical songs all the time. There should be hospitals for patients and free of cost treatments should be available there.

    Sometimes with strong emotion he used to think to leave everything and go into a solitary forest and with full concentration perform austerities. This is the essence of life. The next moment the strong emotion of service used to appear in his heart. These words from the Mahabharata used to spring out,

sevadharmah paramgahano yoginamapyalabhyah

   Sevadharma is the topmost dharma which is even rare for great yogis. Thus his mind got centered in seva bhava. It seemed that Thakur Ji was speaking from within, I am your determination and emotion. All this feelings appear for My service. Don’t put yourself aside from the preaching of Vaishnava dharma, service to humanity and service to your country. Within this you will achieve your desires for perfection and my service. This is the wish of the Lord, blessings of gurudeva and mercy of the saints. Considering the mercy of the saints, complete your education without interruption and begin the preaching of dharma.

    Though he was bathing daily in the Ganges at Kashi and receiving darshan of Shri Vishwanathji, associating with scholars and saintly person, still his mental state was Vrindavana and such emotions were appearing. Within the parikrama of Vrindavana the place of gurudeva is near the garden of Shri Bihariji. In order to build a proper ashram, he wished to buy a land. Fortunately he found land. He saw the land but he had no means to buy it. He had a very hesitating nature. He never asked anything from anyone, being a soft nature whatever he received he used to ditribute to saints, poor and students. The desire of buying land remained within his heart. One day during the family satsang of Lal Hargulal’s nephew Shri Shyamsundara Ji Mahamiyan, the talk about land appeared. Then he enthusiastically said, “Please, give us this opportunity for service. We will make every arrangement to buy the land.” After that, in cooperation with his friends and associates, the present land of the Goloka Dhama Ashrama was registered in 1978. When the construction of the ashrama delayed for some time, then many devotees directly and indirectly donated their hard earned income. It is not possible to mention all their names in this small presentation.

    He was always a saint-serving and associates. During his studies in Varanasi, many saints came in touch with him. Through one saint he went for his first preaching in south Hyderabad.

    Thereafter he completed the tour of all India. On the special invitation and request he began to accomplish daily worship, bhajan and satsanga, harikatha.

    By the permission of his gurudeva he began to initiate the devotees into Vaishnavism. One day during his bhajan one idea appeared in his mind”India is the holy spiritual land. Here many saints, mahatmas, scholars, devotees are already engaged in spiritual preaching. But those people of Indian origin who live in the foreign countries, like America, Africa and Europe for different purposes and business, they are away from the spiritual consciousness. Therefore it is the duty of the Vaishnavas and sadhus to show the path to those who are lost. Their children have lost their culture and civilization and spiritual knowledge. To bring them back to the track is very hard. This work is a part of the service to the Lord. With all these thoughts he decided to go to far away countries. The work was done all by himself.

    In 1980 on the insistent invitation of a devotee, he visited Newcastle in England for the inauguration ceremony of a temple and preached in those countries till the installation of the deities in that temple. Attracted by his sweet, soft language, soft heartedness, expressions of Bhagvatam, pure behaviour, saintliness and truthfulness, the number of devotees increased. they accepted him with full devotion. He also truthfully and by the mercy and power of the Lord he brought together in all the Hindus who were averse to God. He blessed them by initiating them and giving them spiritual names.

    He also told them the importance of the varnashrama dharma and culture. He built many spiritual centres, temples of Hindus in different cities of the world. He delivered the message of world peace, arranged the service, worship and satsanga etc. For all this work he took many years. His good determination to build 108 temples around the world is still going on. Here in Vrindavan an ashram as well as a temple has been built. By the mercy of the Lord, the time has come which was waited for long. The installation of the Lord Thakura Shri Radha Goloka Bihariji Maharaja was accomplished in 1992 in a blissful atmosphere of national and international assembled devotees following the rituals of the Vedic scholars who came from Varanasi.    

    Here constantly since the last 15  years a charitable homeopathic dispensary has been established which is providing free of cost medicines to benefit hundreds of patients every day. The service to the cows (go-seva), poor students, visitors, Vaishnavas and poor sannyasis is also constantly going on. This ashram has been established and conducted as a popular centre of the Nimbarka sampradaya “Shri Goloka Dhama Peeth”. Constantly the service to the people and on the request of the devotees, there is a project to build an ashram as both national and international centre, in Delhi, near the International Airport. The determination of the saint is fulfilled by the Lord himself. Iin the Bhagvatam the Lord says, 

   sadhavo hridyam mahyam sadhuna, hridayam tvaham

madanyat te na jananti naham tebhyo managapi- Bhag. 6.4.68

   “The saints are my heart and I am the heart of the saints. They do not know anyone else except me. I also do not know anyone else except them.” In support of this verse, considering it an order and work of the Lord, a vast piece of land has been bought in Brijvasan, New Delhi, and an hospital built and conducted here. The inaugration ceremony of the foundation stone for Sri Radha Goloka Bihariji Maharaja has been accomplished in the divine temple on the day of Maghi Purnima 1996. An hermitage for gurudeva is also under construction. The construction of an opulent and huge temple is on high speed under the instruction of Vedic architectures.

    “yajnon va vishnu” “yajnen yajnamayajante deva”. The sacrifice (yajna) is the form of the Lord. From the sacrifice the demigods worship the yajna purusa paramatma. It is well known from the ancient Vedic examples how the yajnas are important. The purification of atmosphere, mind and brain, health and wealth, and the protection of the environment is done by yajna. Therefore in the pure land of the Delhi ashram, the divine performance of Sri Krshna yajna is organized every year in the area of sacrifice near different ponds since the last five years.

    Only through sadhana, worship and bhajan, the glorified service to saints, the power of penances, the power of intelligence, the power to serve the Lord is obtained. Only by following sadhana, the saints point out the path of sadhana to others. By their obtained power of austerities, they destroy the suffering of the devotees.

    He is also constantly engaged in sadhana in this traditional sanatan Vedic dharma. Though active in services of considerable weight and importance, still he finds time and energy to devote to so many other daily spiritual acts like deva puja, mantra japa, fasting etc. All these divine activities are performed with faith and enthusiasm, in this way following the path of sadhana, he has taken great vows during the foundation stone ceremony of the Delhi temple:

   1) To give up eating grains and live only on fruits until the installation of the deity of Shri Shri Radha Goloka Bihariji Maharaja is not complete;

    2) to wear stiched clothes only after dressing Shri Thakurji in the installation festival ceremony.

    Though he had to undergo physical weakness and other difficulties, still he is following these rules properly.

    Although the installation and worship of Lord Siva is rarely seen in the Vaisnava temples and some Vaishnavas even forbade it, yet, “vaishnavanam yatha shambhu” Lord Shiva is the topmost Vaishnava. Among the four sampradayas, he is the founder of one of them. He began to consider his studies in Varanasi and particularly the study books like the Shrimad Bhagvatam, and the preaching in foreign lands as the mercy of Lord Shiva. Keeping this in mind, Lord Shiva has been installed in the Goloka dhama ashrama where Shri Vishvanath (Shiva) with the mood of a girl of Vraja (gopi-bhava) is under the shelter of Lord Krishna and is named Shri Sharaneshvara Mahadeva. Lord Shiva has been installed there together with the rest of his family. Shri Hanuman, the treasurer of immortality, who is the protector of the devotees, and is devoted in the service of the Lord, is worshipped in both ashramas.

    When he is in  his bhajana a particular bhava rises. Within the nikunja of the divine Goloka dhama, Priya Priyatama Yugala Sarkar Shri Radha Golok Bihariji are seated on a bejewelled throne. Although the devotees are accustomed to see the deities standing in all the temples, in his transcendental emotion he feels that this is troubling the Lord. Therefore he started the worship of their Lordships sitting on their simhasana and the sakhis are engaged in their service by standing nearby. This divine reflection of pleasing the Lord sprout from the empire of his emotions and has been brought into reality in the Delhi ashrama. Shri Goloka Bihariji Maharaja is presenting his new lilas through the heart of his devotee. The deities of Sharneshwara Mahadeva, Shri Hanuman and Bhagvati Vaishnavi Devi (Durga) will also be installed in the temple. An opulent temple is under construction as it has been already mentioned.

sarvesham krishna mantranam durgadhishtatri devatah

     Mother Durga is the predominating goddess of all the Krishna mantras. She is the Vaishnavi and Narayani shakti. The Lord blessed and ordered yogamaya during the seventh pregnancy: Sankarshana, you will be known and worshipped as Vaishnavi, she who gives blessings.

arcishyanti manushyah tvam sarvakamavareshvarim

dhupopaharabalibhih savakamavarapradam – Bhag. 10.2.10

         “People will worship you with incense, flames, fruits. You will fufill their desires and be known as Vaishnavi devi. You are the same Yoga shakti born in the womb of Yashoda, which was brought by Vasudeva to Mathura.” She slipped from the hands of Kamsa into the sky. Then in the Bagvatam,

adrishyatanuja vishnoh sayudhasta mahabhujah

   She appeared in the sky in the form of Yogamaya as a sister of the Lord taking the form of eight handed Vaishnavi devi. By such evidence Jagadamba, Durga, Vaishnava shakti, is worshipped in Krishna bhakti. Sri Vaishnavi Devi fulfills the desires of all in this unhappy noisy and pitiful atmosphere. She will tread the path of bhagvat bhkati and provide bhukti and mukti. She will provide good intelligence. It is in this mood that Shri Swami Ji has taken a vow to install the deity of Shri Vaishnavi Devi.

    From the beginning Shri Swami Ji was a great lover of study and a curious of philosophy. Librairies and educational places are his fond places. By producing good literature, the preaching and spread of bhakti can reach the intellectual section. In order that the seed of Krishna bhakti may sprout in the life of these people, good literature plays a very important role.

    Keeping that goal in mind, a target of printing a book every year is accomplished by the Shri Goloka Dhama Peeth. In that publication are published his good instructions and the opinions of scholars. The following books have already been published, Shri Goloka Bihariji Prarthanavali, a book of prayers, Goloka, Guru Gita, Yajna Pushpa, Goloka Gaurava, Goloka Garima and Ramacharita – manasa Sundara khanda. By his inspiration a divine publication by the Beriwala family is the unalloyed treasure of Shri Hari, the sermons of Shri Jagat Guru Harivyasa Acharya.

    He himself is a great scholar and very popular. He has honoured, welcomed and inspired several times many scholars and respected citizen of Vrindavana dhama. He also welcomed and honoured many times many saints, as well as religious leaders and he is still doing that.

    The sannayasis, saints and the Vaishnava saints still hesitate to come together on an open stage, the reason behind it is the conflict of the past and the differencs in worship. he thinks that in today’s context all the Hindus should come together to protect and save their dharma. For this he is trying his best. he prays at the lotus feet of the Lord to bring all together. He himself stayed together with sannyasis during his educational period. Still he followed and performed the Vaishanava dharma. Therefore today many sannyasis and religious leaders respect him very highly.

    Varanasi is a centre of different studies and it is possible to meet all kinds of scholars. The Dharma Pracharini Sabaha and the kashi Scholars Association are unique assemblies of different panditas well learned in all kinds of scriptures. Different study-courses are found only here and canot be found anywhere else: Sanskrit grammer, Veda, Vedanta, logic, literature, mimamsa, the six systems of philosophy, sankhya, agama and nigama and so forth.

    On the holy eve of March 4th, 1997, both the above mentioned assemblies crowned him in a grand ceremony with the title of Dharmaratna because of his humility, scholarship, eloquence, sweet speech, devotion to the Vaishnavas, enthusiastic preaching of dharma. The scholars of the above mentioned assemblies bestowed upon him important degrees for his vast knowledge. The senior scholars also gave many certificates. All the senior old scholars of Varanasi were present in that joint assembly. He welcomed, honoured and praised all those scholars and dignitaries. He is the only achraya of the sampradaya, who has received such a great honour at such a young age.

    He is the first who preached and spread the doctorines of the Nimbarka sampradaya to foreign countries. The arrival of saints and great personalities in the holy dhama is for a great spiritual and social regeneration of human society.

    shreyansi vighnabahulani bhavanti nityam

   Many difficulties are encountered while doing auspicious works. In order to get the best gold, it has to go through a lot of refinement. Saints and great personalities are immovable like the Himalayas and accomplish with all simplicity the responsibility of the greatest activities. The Delhi ashram and the construction of the temple there, for instance, is such a huge work. Seeing that, many people become astonished.

    Moved by a saintly nature and devoid of mundane excitement, he is solving all kinds of interruptions and troubles and progressing steadily in his work. At present the construction work is going on. he always uses to say, “This is a work of Shri Goloka Bihariji Thakura Himself. Simply make me an instrument on His property. The Lord is doing this work by Himself. What is here for me in it? I am just His servant.”

    The verses of the Gita and the Bhagvatam are my support and the power of my soul.

‘manmana bhava madbhakto madyaji mam namaskuru’

‘nimittamatram bhava savyasacin’

    In his preaching he expresses these feeling. One should never be frustrated in the performance of devotional service. “Charaveti” is the announcement of the Vedas. Engage yourself in devotional service. Do any kind of service, but never enter the mentality of “me and mine”. If one considers the service as a service for the Lord, even the bondage becomes the means of liberation.

    When the temple of Sri Vrindavana Dhama was constructed, 125,000 names of the Lord were installed on the altar and worshipped. Now in the Delhi temple 12,500,000 names of the Lord will be installed and worshipped on the auspicious occassion of January 31st, 1999. Indian and foreign devotees will participate in this festival. By the mercy of the Lord the installation ceremony of Shri Vigraha will also be accomplished. In such a holy work, whosoever wealth is utilized is indeed fortunate. “dhanam hi dharmaikaphalam yato vai”

    By wealth one achieves religiousity and the wealth achieved in the path of religiousity purifies the human beings. Therefore it is the duty of the devotees who are engaged in the service of Shri Guru and Govinda that this divine, purifying work should be accomplished soon. Shri Shri Radha Goloka Bihariji Maharaja must be installed in this ashrama and the visitors may make their life successful by having Their darshan.

    This is the tradition of the saints in the land of Bharata, India, since time immemorial. That they do not introduce themselves. They simply glorify the name of the Lord everywhere because the saints belong to the Lord. The only introduction of saints is bhagavad bhakti. Saints are not bound by any limitations of country and time. “Why do you like to go into the past? Go ahead, you will get the Lord.” When you peep in the past, you will not get anything but pain and sorrow. Therefore one should never enquire from a saint in regard to his original country, age, birth and so forth. One should only resort to the talks about bhakti with enquiry in the absolute reality. This is the question at the beginning of the scriptures. Otherwise, when meeting with a saint, if he is asked all kind of questions, the saint just smiles and puts aside the topic. Saints see the whole world with equal vision. This is explained by the words “vasudhaiva kutumbakam”. They never like to praise themselves.

    aham bareh taba padaikamula dasanudaso bhavitasmi bhuyah

    The devotee Vritrasura says to Indra, “If you want to know who I am, do not ask my introduction. I am the servant of the servant of the servant of Shri Krishna. Except for this I have no other identification.” Nowadays the devotees are very curious. They want to know especially about Shri Swamiji. Some people wish to ask him and some ask from others. Their curiosity should be quenched.

        The character of Gurudeva is purifying and inspiring like that of great personalities. A divine inspiration may come from it. Let us engage in the service of guru and Govinda. In that service steady bhakti may arise. Let us cooperate and make our life successful. Let us develop the habit of serving saints. let us have satsanga. let us perform social service. with this aim this short presentation has been complied for the readers. Even if Swamiji has no interest in the subject matter, still on sepcial request he has given permission. May our readers, devotees and the youth get a little benefit out of it. May they get inspiration for developing a godly behaviour. Then only attachment for the service of the lotus feet of the saints will be achieved. The author will feel honoured because the rare success of life canot be achieved without the service of the lotus feet of the saints.

rahuganaitat tapasa na yati

binamahatpada rajobhishekam – Bhag. 5.12.12

   Without worshipping the dust of the lotus feet of the disciplic succession (guruvarga), gurus, saints and mahapurushas and without having such satsanga, under the shelter of their lotus feet, life cannot be purposeful.

“May everyone be blissful.”

Praying at the lotus feet of the saints

Pandit Hariprasada Shastri

all copyrights reserved.

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