Sri Banke Bihari Temple


Vrindaban- Vrindavan, Vrindavana or Brindaban, the land of Lord Krishna town in Mathura Dist. of Uttar Pradesh State on the banks of river Yamuna; there are over 1000 shrines dating back to 16th century making it a popular pilgrim destination.

Sri Krishan and his consort Sri Radha appeared on earth in the form of Sri Banke Bihari five hundred years ago.

As Swami Sri Haridas was meditating in Vrindavan, Sri Radha and Sri Krsna were so pleased with his devotion that they appeared in person on his lap. Swami Sri Haridas was too embarrassed to dress and pamper Sri Radha Rani, they merged into one form “Sri Banke Bihari”.

Sri Banke Bihari Mandir in Vrindaban, India and has been taken care of by Swami Sri Haridas’ family for many generations.

Sri Bankey Bihari was not made by man and is the original being that appeared in Swami Sri Haridas’ lap.

Thakur ji’s Mandir is full of festivity throught-out the year and followers from all over world come for darshan.

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