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shri golokdham charitable dispensary 01bTo serve humanity is an extremely difficult task even for Yogis.

It is a well-known fact that saintly persons are supposed to be close to God, but for normal worldly people they are a powerful source of attaining God’s grace. Besides being a true devotee of God.

‘Dharmaratna’ Shri Gurudev 1008 Swami Shri Gopalsharandevacharyaji Maharaj has practically proved the above saying by executing varied programmes of service to the people. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Shri Sadgurudevji was born to promote Vaishnava Dharma and to serve the people and the nation.

This paper is being released with the hope that a brief introduction of the varied service programmes of Shri Sadgurudevji will not only inspire his devotees but will also increase their love and respect for him. Firstly, in Vrindavan ashram while maintaining the system of deep devotion to Shri Thakurji, a programme of Cow care, welcoming of saintly guests and looking after physically suffering patients was implemented. In Vrindavan a charitable homeopathic clinic has been serving the people for almost 25 years. Innumerable patients have benefitted from this clinic.

Propagation of Good literature is very important for serving the people. From the very beginning Shri Sadgurudevji, himself has been studious and always liked to go through divine literature. He likes libraries and reading rooms and therefore, Shri Golokdham Peeth has been publishing useful books year after year. Besides publishing a Compilation of prayers of Shri Golokvihariji, the peeth has brought out Shri Golok Gaurav, Shri Guru Geeta, Dikshatatva Prakash, Yagya Pushpa, Golok Garima, Sundarkand, collection of Bhajans etc. for the benefit of readers. All these books are given free to devotees. Brahmachari students stay in ashram and learn about various Hindu Pujas, recitation of shlokas and about conducting Yagna. Several Brahmacharis trained in ashram are already shouldering the responsibility of managing temples in foreign countries. Besides this, Shri Sadgurudevji helps deserving persons in gaining modern education also.

From time to time, grand functions are organized in ashram justifying the saying that “food donation is the biggest donation. On such occasions thousands of guests enjoy the taste of healthy food.

In addition to the human service programmes of Ashram, Shri Sadgurudevji desires to help and cooperate with other service-oriented organizations. Patanjali Yog Peeth (Haridwar) established by Swami Ramdevji is engaged in Yoga training all over the world. For promoting and propagating Yoga training Shri Sadgurudevji has been joining hands with Swami Ramdevji on several occasions in India and abroad. Monitory help has also been provided for Yoga training, on behalf of ashram. For the last several years, ashram has been providing financial help to two poor patients every year for treatment in the TB Sanitorium at Vrindavan.

Another effective scheme to provide service to the needy people is being added in this series. This will be of extraordinary significance in furthering the cause of serving humanity. Shri Golokdham Ashram in Delhi is situated in a peaceful and serene area and is still easily reachable. The beautifully constructed ashram is close to agricultural farms and therefore, the surroundings are extremely peaceful. However, from the very beginning Shri Sadgurudevji had felt the lack of medical facilities in the near about areas. In order to solve this problem a Homeopathic clinic was set up shortly after the establishment of the Ashram. This clinic has been providing medical help to a large number of patients for the last about 17 years. But the large hearted saint wanted to further augment health facilities for the needy people. Therefore, construction of a new building just outside the gate of the ashram was started to further increase the scope of giving Homeopathic treatment. By the grace of Thakurji, a three storied building has come up within a short span, which itself is like a small Hospital. This hospital has been planned not only to examine patients with the help of modern medical instruments, but also to treat patients having serious ailments by the Specialist Doctors. In due course of time, provision for treatment of Dental, Eye, Heart and Child related diseases will be added. Other than the occasion of the celebration of Patotsava of Thakurji, what can be more appropriate for the inauguration of this newly built hospital. Accordingly, on the occasion of Fifth Patotsava of  Thakur Shriradhagolokvihariji Maharaj, we humbly felicitate and bow before all to celebrate the inauguration of the hospital built for public service by the inspiration and efforts of Shri Sadgurudevji. All pervading Shri Hari is present in this new hospital through its patients and other helpless persons and the Ashram and its members dedicate the same wholeheartedly to the nation.

Shri Ramavtar Garg (Secretary)

Shri Golokdham Seva Samiti

Year 2009

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