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Swati Mudra as’thsakhi dars’ana:

Sri Radha Golok Vihari Ji Bhagawan

The spirit behind the sublime project, ‘Dharamratan’ Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Ji Maharaj was born in a high family of Upadhyaya Brahmanas as Ghrit Kaushika in the confines of Brajmandal. They were considered as pure brahmanas were great scholars of Veda and Vedanta. Swami Gopal Sharan Ji not only represents the Nimbarka Sampradaya but also holds it in high esteem with his scholarly learning. Swami Gopal Sharan Ji, grew up in the company of saints and resided in the temple of the Lord in the Bagichi (garden) opposite the more than a century old Sri Nimbark Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya.

After being gracefully initiated into the Krsna-mantra, he was put into the pious custody of The elderly saint Shri Shri 1008 Sadhguru Shri Lalita Sharan Devacharya Ji Maharaj (Dada Guruji), the founder / peethadheeshwar of Shri Gopal Mandir and Shri Bihariji’s Bagichi, Vrindavan now 103 has spent his entire life as a devotee of Lord Krishna. The virtuous anchorite of the highest order suffering from a fading memory and weakened by age and ailments speaks highly of his disciple but in a feeble tone. The holy soul has lost none of his radiant and virtuous glow that went on to shape the future of Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Ji. He remembers with great difficulty about his worthy shishya, “His parents left the child with me and I don’t even remember the name of his parents. He was exceptional in learning and displayed extraordinary talent compared to others and became an obvious choice to carry on the good work.” A great reflection of Swami Vivekananda in Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Ji Maharaj’s immediate personality and his charismatic presence bespeaks of the humanistic ideology and philosophy of the former saint and great son of Bharat (India).

The two great divine and magnanimous souls who assign no space for self-praise and lead the most ordinary and modest lfe worthy of Sadhakas or Saints unmindful of worldly desires, live in perfect rhythm. Together they propogate Indian Spirituality.

Swami Gopal Sharan Ji has further glorified that reputation by qualifying for the “Dharamratna” Samman, the crest jewel of Hindu religion. He was unanimously awarded the honourable degree in an extraordinary conference of learned scholars on March 4, 1997 held in the Jaipuria House at Varanasi, the ancient seat of Hindu philosophy and learning. Since then, he has responded aggressively to the need for propagating the Indian culture, the vedic teachings and Hindu philosophy and religious tolerance at home and abroad.

Swamiji, a great scholar of Sanskrit and visionary has been propagating the values of Indian culture and religion. He records his observation, “The western people have a great respect for Indian art and culture and wish to study the Indian scriptures, which displays the character of the greatness of our Hindu philosophy and the importance of a disciplined life attuned with learning.”

Swamiji believes that the study of scriptures and Vedas purifies the mind and unifies the entire humanity as a single entity on the principle of “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina”. For him Vedas are a ‘way of life’ – to awaken the consciousness. He says amusingly, “The Westerners come to India in search of peace and see our state of confusion! We people want to go to the West to adopt a materialistic lifestyle“. He graciously recites a Sanskrit shloka when asked about remaining in the midst of a deceptive world – “Vikriti naiv gachanti sangdoshain sadhva; aveshtitam mahasarpey chandanam na vishyatey” (Great men never change their nature though they get into contact with bad things, the sandal tree does not become poisonous though surrounded by serpents).

Swamiji who values cultural learning with Sanskrit as a base says, “Culture is the true identity of a being that is symbolized by the language by which he or she communicates. If you divest one of his clothes, education or religion it would hardly matter but if you divest one of his original language, he would be rendered to a state of nothingness. Without a cultural base humans cannot survive.”

Swami Gopal Sharan is a great admirer of art and culture and has a great sensibility and ear for music. He is gifted with mellifluous voice that penetrates the soul of the listener. Swamiji reflects on the importance of ashramas, “Whereas ashramas are crucial for temples, mathas and devalayas and temple is a divine place from where flows the knowledge with mind being the matter for stockpiling it. Therefore, it was mandatory to incorporate symbolic elements that sanctified the place of worship and identified with the Hindu philosophy with great sense for a clean environment otherwise the new generation of today would not like to dwell in its surroundings. Temples are important for Bodhik Vikas (intellect) and leads one to live a dignified and disciplined life.” 

Shri Golok Dham Ashram is a splendid institution that symbolizes the true Indian spirit in culture and higher learning once prevalent in ancient India, with the blessings of Sadhgurudev Ji Maharaj.

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