Words of Nectar from Shri Anant Shri Vibhuseit Dharma Ratna Shri Shri 1008 Swami Shri Gopal Sharan Devacharya Ji Maharaj (Pithadhishwer- Shri Radha Golok Vihari Ji Mandir, Golokdham Ashram. Vrindaban & Delhi)

When the Lord bestows His causeless mercy upon the individual soul, then only he get inspiration for auspicious activities. Then he engages in the service of the Lord with his body, mind and wealth. The samskara of innumerable lives creates easily loving attachment for the lotus feet of the Lord. These samskaras enable a man to engage himself in devotional service.

At the Golok Dhama Ashrama, Brijwasan, New Delhi the construction work of the temple of Thakura Shri Shri Radha Golok Bihari ji Maharaja and a holy hermitage is constantly going on. Those devotees who are absorbed in the divine service of guru and Govinda with faith have arranged for the temple land and the construction is constantly on uninterruptedly.

The support provided by you with faith and hard labour is being utilised. We are only instruments. The wealth of devotees is faith and pure devotion which alone is the medium of those who want to reach the lotus feet of the Lord. This invaluable trust (temple and ashram) is your own. It is a supreme purifying duty for all of you, disciples and associates, to maintain, protect and implement. All kinds of services, big and small, directly and indirectly are well known to you, us and Thakura Shri Shri Radha Golok Bihari ji Maharaja. We feel it is improper for us to mention your services here. In the opinion of the saints the value of a service increases in as much as it is kept secret. Therefore we give our heartfelt blessings to all the devotees so that you all will remain fit with your mind and body in such a way to surrender in the service of the Lord and make your human life successful. May you become attached to the lotus feet of the Lord of our heart and soul.

Through the various spiritual books like “Shri Goloka”, “Prarthanavali”, “Shri Guru Gita”, “Shri Gopala Sahasranma”, ” Shri Goloka Garima”, ” Shri Goloka Gaurava” and ” Shri Goloka Gatha” which are now in your pure hands, you will achieve purification of the heart, purity of mind and full enlightenment in life. Your spiritual path will be enhanced. Inspired by these divine books and spiritual ideas, may you and your dear ones be competent to serve the Lord.

May our supremely worshippable Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha Golok Bihari ji Maharaj shower upon you bhaktas, the vision of his mercy and provide you ever-increasing happiness and devotion. These are the auspicious blessings of guru and Govinda.

(archive 2004)

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